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A family-owned business, located in Kelowna BC, with 35+ years experience in the refrigeration & HVAC industry.

Our highly experienced team provides customers with professional consulting, logistics, installation, and maintenance.

Protect your investment. Do it right the first time, with Norlock Refrigeration.

Staying Current

We stay attuned to the evolution of products, and recommend regular upgrading to keep up with the rapid advances being made in the electronics and heat transfer fields, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly improvements. We know the latest technology in our industry and pass our knowledge on to you.

Fast Availability

24 hour service, second to none, and our large parts inventory usually allows the job to be completed, even at those inconvenient times breakdowns always seem to occur. Each of our service vehicles is well stocked with necessary parts and tools to ensure expedited service and solve your problems quickly.

About Us

Consulting, logistics, installation, and maintenance


* Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration (Ammonia , Non-CFC)

* Electrical / Controls



* Industrial & Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

* Electrical / Controls



Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with our Plate & Frame chiller install. It has been up and running since September, with a few minor glitches and no down time, everything has worked excellent.

    We haven’t analysed the decrease in power consumption yet. But we are confident there will be a significant savings as our compressors do not run as long as with our old system.

Finally, I would like to thank you and your people for the time and effort you put in to ensure the installation was a success. Without any doubt any initial scepticism of the new Plate & Frame system has been proven wrong and after your people made the final tweaks to get everything right, the result more than meets our expectations.

Peter Rubingh - Princeton Arena Supervisor / Chief Engineer

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Norlock Refrigeration recently provided complete removal & installation of a complete new refrigeration system for our Curling Rink. They did a great job, catering to their vision for ease of accessibility & use. A strong sense of detail, diligence, and overall care from design, build, installation, and ensuring our staff felt comfortable with taking over operations. Taking their time to ensure no stones were left un-turned, and all safety expectations exceeded. Tyler Lockerby worked day & night to deliver; if he shows up onsight, buy him a sleeping bag, he doesnt go home til the jobs done. Thanks guys, been a pleasure.

Sam Liptak Facility Supervisor City of Cranbrook Western Financial Place

Please accept this letter as confirmation that Norlock Refrigeration provided services associated with installing and commissioning various components integral to the ice making plant on the Boise West Coast Hotel and Bank of America Centre in Boise, Idaho.


Some of the services provided by Norlock include the following:

1) Conversion of various components from an ammonia system to a R22 refrigeration system including the oil return system, liquid piping, additional controls and replacement of compressor unloader valves on compressors. 

2) Various electrical component installation.3) Installation of computer control system 4) Commissioning of the system and owner training.


The ice plant was put into service in September of 1997 and continues to produce a high quality ice surface.

We appreciate Norlock’s efforts in assisting with the installation and conversion of this system and welcome any queries provided by Norlock Refrigeration.

E.M. Olsgard Construction Manager PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Bellevue Washington, USA

Norlock Refrigeration recently completed the design and installation of the refrigeration system for the twin rinks portion of the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex. As a subcontractor to D&T/VVI Construction, they were a pleasure to work with and brought both professional attitude and capability to the project. Norlock has a commitment to detail and quality which is clearly evident by their completed installations. We would give a strong recommendation with regard to Norm Lockerby and Norlock Refrigeration’s abilities to any of their potential clients. Should have any questions, please contact the writer.

B. Walker, P. Eng. Vice President Operations D & T / V V I Construction Ltd.

Kamloops, B.C. Kelowna, B.C

I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Norlock Refrigeration. This past summer, Norlock was contracted to perform extensive upgrades and repairs at the Revelstoke Forum and Revelstoke Curling Club. The extent of the work included replacing the chiller, replacing the refrigeration lines at the Curling Club, removing a redundant receiver and compressors, replacing a make up water tank, replacing a condenser water pump, installing a small compressor and brine pump and installing computerized controls for the plant.

The scope of the work involved Norlock doing a mechanical design for a dual circuit brine chiller so that the Arena and Curling Club ice temperatures can be controlled separately. The Curling Club has started operation recently and we are extremely pleased with the quality of their ice as a result of this mechanical design.

I found Norm Lockerby to be extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and reliable in his approach to the work. He basically moved to Revelstoke for a month to make sure the work was co-ordinated in timing and met deadlines. He worked closely with City staff and volunteers from the Curling Club to find ways to save funds by having some of the work done locally as opposed to by Norlock staff.

Norm made one day trip to Revelstoke at no charge to meet with a BC Hydro official and then prepared a grant application for us that secured an additional $14,000 from an energy savings grant. We would not have received this grant without Norm’s assistance.

Norm spent time training our Arena staff and has followed up regularly since the work was completed to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I know that Norm Lockerby is committed to providing superior customer service and the attention that he gave to our project made me feel that he wants to establish a long term working relationship with the City of Revelstoke.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide more information about the work that Norlock Refrigeration performed for the City of Revelstoke.

Allen Chell Director of Parks and Recreation City of Revelstoke

Revelstoke, BC

I have found Norman [ owner of Norlock Refrigeration ] to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable, always friendly and someone who would take the time to explain what he was doing and what to look for. [ preventative maintenance ] He has been very helpful training our staff.

Adolf Tambellini Recreation and Facilities Manager

Trail, BC

Mr. Norman Lockerby and his Company, Norlock Refrigeration, have been servicing our City of Kelowna Rutland Twin Arenas for the past 2 years.

I have found Norman and his staff to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable, always friendly and prepared to take the time to explain what they were doing and what to look for.


Since Norlock Refrigeration has been servicing our facility; they have installed a Desiccant Dehumidification System in our Arenas and as a result our ice and air quality have greatly improved. They have rebuilt two compressors and adjusted the other compressors resulting in reduced hours of operation of all 4 Compressors by 20 to 30%. Also, there were a number of computer programming problems in our system and these were corrected by one of Norlock’s qualified Computer Technicians. In addition to this, the Staff of Norlock Refrigeration have been very helpful in training our staff.


When Norman asked me to write this letter of recommendation, I did so without hesitation. I am honoured and privileged to recommend Norlock Refrigeration to anyone who is looking for a professional company to service their refrigeration needs.

Wilbur Wostradowski, Rutland Arena Sub-Forman

Kelowna, BC

I would at this time recommend Norlock Refrigeration Co. to anyone looking for a truly professional service company. “

” Norlock Refrigeration has been looking after the Sun Bowl Arena’s Refrigeration Plant for the past six years. We have found Mr. Lockerby and his staff to be very professional, reliable and knowledgeable. Any problems or concerns have been dealt with promptly. Norm has also been helpful on more than one occasion in discussing and offering helpful information to the Sun Bowl staff.” ” Norm’s expertise has helped the Town of Osoyoos receive a $9600.00 grant from West Kootenay Power by reducing our electrical usage. 

Jim Harrington Director of Leisure Services

Osoyoos, BC

The workmanship was excellent and in addition they [Norlock Refrigeration] were able to save us a considerable amount of money with their innovative ideas.”

“Norlock Refrigeration has proven to be very conscientious about their work, and always put the concerns of the client first. I would recommend them for any of your refrigeration needs including preventative maintenance and total facility maintenance programs

Greg Salloumn, CHA General Manager Best Western Inn

Kelowna, BC

Norman Lockerby and his company Norlock Refrigeration have been working for Skyreach Place since we opened our doors on Aug. 26th 1999. Norlock Refrigeration was awarded the ice plant installation contract during construction of our new complex. I would recommend any working relationship with Norlock. Their product knowledge and personal interest in our facility’s successful operation is second to none.

If you have any other questions about Norman and Norlock Refrigeration, please feel free to contact me

Dean Clarke Manager of Operations Sky Reach Place / Prospera

Kelowna, BC

As a contract surety broker for the Norlock Industries, we are pleased to advise that Norlock Industries Ltd. is a valued client of our office and that they currently have a bond facility in good standing with Intact Insurance Company.

During our relationship with Norlock Industries Ltd,, our client has successfully completed some of the largest and most complex refrigeration contracts tendered…

Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Kelowna) Inc.

Kelowna, BC

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