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Capstone’s industry-leading microturbine energy solutions help improve business operations by putting the end user in control of their energy costs. Scalable from 30kW to 30MW, Capstone microturbines provide clean energy to organizations of varying sizes operating in numerous markets around the world. Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put Capstone microturbines in a class of their own.


By integrating an aero-based turbine engine, a permanent magnet generator, advanced power electronics, with patented air bearing technology, Capstone microturbines are the ideal solution for today’s distributed energy needs.

E-Finity Application and Product-1.jpg


  • Only one moving part

  • Patented air bearing technology

  • Advanced combustion controls

  • Clean waste heat

  • Wide fuel range

  • Grid Connect, Standalone, or Dual Mode

  • High power density design

  • Remote monitoring

  • Power electronics

  • PLC-based controller


  • Longer service intervals, low operating cost

  • No lubricants or coolants needed

  • Low emissions, no exhaust aftertreatment

  • Thermal energy for cogeneration/trigeneration

  • Operates on gaseous, renewable, and liquid fuels

  • Power under any circumstance

  • Compact footprint, small modular

  • View performance and diagnostics 24/7

  • High efficiency under all load conditions

  • Increase efficiency, reliability, and run-time balances

Desiccant Vs Mechanical Refrigeration – Comparison

Desiccant vs Mechanical Refrigeration – Comparison

Desiccant vs Mechanical Refrigeration – Comparison

Bry Air desiccant dehumidifier has several advantages over mechanical/refrigerative dehumidifier. Some of the noticeable differences are :



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