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Ice Arenas & Curling Clubs

Arena service and installation

From small training ice rinks / arenas to the 2002 Winter Olympics arena venue, the E Centre at Salt Lake City, Norlock has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. With our regional and international experience installing and servicing Ice Rink Arenas we are confident we will install a system that suits your needs now and for the future. From blue prints to clear ice, Norlock is the solid choice for ice arena refrigeration installation and service. With over 50 years of combined work experience, our crew’s attention to detail in all facets of installation and service is assured.

Our focus goes far beyond the initial arena installation: we deliver life time savings with energy efficiency and redundancy built in. Check out our Green Technology section of this site to learn of our innovative techniques ensuring a cost saving operation of the arena’s ice plant.

Salt Lake E Center for 2002 Olympics

When we did Salt Lake City E Center for the 2002 Olympics – no ammonia refrigerant was allowed to escape to the outside. This was the first project done like this. All heat from  condensing went through an internal heat exchanger, cooled by glycol outdoor cooling towers as in photo.  All relief valves were piped back into the large water filled tank with ammonia sensors in the tank. There was 600 tons of refrigeration at 10’F capable of putting ice in within 12 hours.

Evap-Condenser-refrigeration (1).jpg
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